About us

We are a non for-profit organization, created and run by young enthusiastic people which is focused on youth empowerment through the investigation, consultancy and creation of tools, spaces and projects to promote and strengthen youth participation, entrepreneurship and social innovation. 

Aligned with the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations and their Youth Strategy 2030, we look to contribute to the youth empowerment and leadership, focusing on all the dimension of the Sustainable Development. To achieve this, we work with institutions from the public and private sector as well as the civil society whose activities are related to children and youth. Yudleads Foundation is constituted by resolution No. SDH-DAJ-2021-0005-R of the Secretary of Human Rights.

Our services include: YUDAnalityk, YUDEmpower & YUDMun.

Our vision

Become by 2030 an organization with a national and regional presence that promotes, trains and empowers youth who can become active leaders and actors within their communities, who contribute in the creation of more equitable, fair, resilient, innovative, entrepreneurial, inclusive and environmentally friendly societies. In addition, we seek to contribute with projects and data that facilitate the creation of organizations that support youth and be partners in the design of public and institutional policies that promote youth empowerment and can respond to their needs.

What we do 

  • Consultancies for institutions that work with or for young people.

  • Workshops and training for institutions and youth in areas related to development, empowerment and leadership.

  • Investigation on topics related to youth and the challenges they may face in the first half of the XXI century.

  • Design, execution and evaluation of projects related to youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and social innovation.

  • Creation of tools to promote and strengthen youth participation.

  • Creation of spaces to strengthen intergenerational relations.

Our Mission

Transform the concept of youth empowerment and participation in Ecuador and Latin America.