Global Summit Presenter Applications

The Summit will host three days of online workshops and presentations by students, educators, thought leaders and United Nations officials. If you are interested in being an online presenter, please note the following:

Workshops Details Each workshop will last approximately 45 minutes and leave time for Q & A. Workshops will host between 25 and 150 participants. You may present with a partner(s) (up to three people may present together) and you will be able to screen share so that you can present material to participants.

Several weeks before the Summit, all student presenters will be required to practice their session online for members of the Student Executive Team, who will provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

The workshops should align with one of the four main conference themes: SDG Knowledge, Model UN, Action/Impact and HOPE.

Workshops should have relevance to the Model United Nations community, leave participants with greater awareness, a skill, a network, or a way to take action.

Workshop confirmations will be sent starting in early-July. July 6th th is the final deadline for workshop submissions.