Our Services

Aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its Youth 2030 Strategy, we seek to contribute to youth empowerment and leadership, focusing on Sustainable Development in all its dimensions. For this, we work with public, private and civil society institutions that carry out activities or are related to girls, boys, and young people. Our services include: YudAnalityk, YudEmpower and YudMUN.


At YudAnalitik we work towards the development of tools, strategies, and methodologies within the collection and analysis of data on Youth issues. We carry out consultancies for companies and institutions in the public and private sector, and civil society organizations.

Jóvenes - Reunión con los ordenadores


At YudEmpower we work on the development of tools, strategies, and projects that promote youth empowerment. In this sense, we design and execute or own projects or services, requested by our clients, that provide solutions to local community or institutional problems that involve or have a direct effect on children and young people.


Our commitment to youth goes beyond preparation for Model United Nations, we seek to engage with youth by creating spaces for debate. Our main objective is training and preparation of young leaders who we can contribute with decisions and argued points of view about current issues.

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YudSocial Impact

YUDSocial Impact is our social impact strategy. As YUDLeads we are convinced that youth work must be extended to all social sectors. Therefore, for each of our 3 branches of work, we execute a project that includes or benefits children and youth in conditions of vulnerability or scarce resources.